Fredericksburg Chapter No. 29
Past Matrons and Past Patrons
* Deceased
Past Matrons
​Past Patrons
Past Matrons and Patrons we adore, from the top of your head, down to the floor.  Honoring you is our delight!

You set up Chapter the whole year through. You swept, dusted and mopped, too. You saw that the officers were proficient in their work, and never a duty did you shirk.

You worked from morning until late at night, sometimes your house and yard looked a sight.  You spend hours and hours on the phone, and hardly were ever at home.

You visited the sick and those in sorrow, you always thought you could rest tomorrow.  But when morning came, the phone rang and you were up and going again.

There were people to honor, a program to plan, the good you served was the best in the land.  You visited other Chapters, and always took a load, seems you were always on the road.

Off to Grand Chapter you went, proud and tall, to take care of business for one and all.  You arose early and went to bed late, you marched, listened, voted and sometimes ate.

Grand Offices you did not shirk, you accepted them proudly even though more work.  If now, you had all the money you've spent, you would have a good sized mint.

Some of you to the East have been, over and over and over again.  You are the Stars that lead the way, and guided us from day to day.

There was never a poem written, nor a song sung, that could begin to tell all you have done.  We know your strength came from above, and your magic formula was that word, Love.

We honor you here, the best in the nations, you lovely Past Matrons, and Wonderful Past Patrons.  Our love and best wishes are with you always, God Bless you and keep you all your days!

Adapted from Brother Mitch Duszynski, WPx3, Hope Chapter 104, Urbana-Champaign, IL 2004.
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